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For people born with a single ventricle heart, options are scarce. They must either undergo a palliative series of open heart surgeries, ending with the Fontan , or receive a heart transplant. As the first Fontan patients reach adulthoo emerging data suggests that all Fontans will eventually fail.

NASA Glenn Technology Pumps Hope into Broken Hearts. Mark Rodefeld knows the hearts of children. To support the development of a Fontan mechanical circulatory support device to assist with the treatment of.

Although a Fontan circulation is lifesaving, it has inherent inefficiencies that will eventually lead to circulatory failure. Our work has focused over the past years to replace the missing power source and restore the Fontan circulation to a more efficient 2-ventricle circulation. To do this requires placing a blood pump into the. The chamber may be too small, underdevelope or missing a valve. These are some of the most critical and life-threatening congenital heart disease (CHD) . So Rodefeld came up with an idea to insert a small conical pump , driven by an electrical motor, into an existing Fontan network.

This pump would reproduce the pressures and flow coming from the body and hea reducing the wear and tear on the single remaining ventricle and extend the life of the patient. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg.

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Mechanical cavopulmonary assist for the univentricular Fontan circulation using a novel folding propeller blood pump. Performance of a 3-bladed propeller pump to provide cavopulmonary assist in the failing Fontan circulation. Throckmorton AL(1), Ballman KK, Myers C Litwak KN, Frankel SH, Rodefeld MD. Rodefel Indiana University Amount Funded: $6000. Fontan Blood Pump : Advanced Prototype Completion.

Children with single ventricle congenital heart disease are missing half of their hearts, and they face lifelong challenges. Although tremendous advances in their care have occurred through palliative . Usually, the first stage is a creation of a bidirectional Glenn shunt, and the second stage is Fontan completion. To learn more about the Fontan , check this entry. Survival rates are still low, but researchers at Purdue University have created a tiny heart pump that should help the heart during the . Project Title, Two Stages Axial-Centrifugal Flow Pump For Cavapulmonary Assistance( Fontan Assistance).

We will develop a blood pump designed to provide cavopulmonary assist in a univentricular Fontan circulation. This will dramatically improve the healthcare of children and adults born with single ventricle heart disease.