Reactive filter materials used for phosphorus (P) removal from wastewater can be disposed of as soil amendments after treatment, thus recycling P and other macro – and micro-nutrients to plants. In addition, materials with a high pH and Ca content, such as Polonite , are potential soil conditioners, which can be particularly . Effect of Polonite used for phosphorus removal from wastewater on soil properties and fertility of a mountain meadow. Cucarella V(1), Mazurek R, Zaleski T, Kopeć M, Renman G. Polonite is a natural, processed mineral with excellent capabilities of capturing phosphorus from both sewage water, and runoff water from farmland.

Polonite also makes it possible to recycle the vital nutrient by retur- ning it on productive farmlands.

As an example, Polonite achieves a phosphorus reduction of 1 in. P in wastewater reacts with free calcium released from the media to form various calcium phosphates, which are precipitated onto the media. The development of Polonite , Sorbulite and reactive bed filter (RBF) technologies has proven to be successful for phosphorus (P) removal and recovery from various low to high P enriched water streams. The KTH research is implemented through the spin-off company Bioptech.

This material is produced from the calcium carbonate and silica based rock Opoka. The thesis mainly focuses on adsorption of phosphorus from wastewater with . On-site wastewater treatment- Polonite and other filter materials for removal of metals, nitrogen and phosphorus. PREFACE AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS.

This thesis was produced as part of the requirements for a doctoral degree at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

Supervisor – Gunno Renman1. Division of Water Resources Engineering. Lund Institute of Technology. Department of Building and Environmental Technology. Both tested materials can support wastewater treatment in on site systems.

Keywords: phosphorus, reactive material, on site wastewater treatment, infiltration system. On site treatment systems are used worldwide to treat domestic. No articles related to Polonite.

The phosphorus (P) and BODremoval performance of an upflow packed bed reactor (PBR) filled with two reactive filter media was studied over weeks. Freight (within Sweden) is included in the price unless otherwise specified in the respective Article. Key words: phosphorus, reactive material, Lang- muir isotherm, Freundlich isotherm. The surplus of phosphorous (P) in.

Abstract: The mineral-based filter material Polonite was tested for its POremoval capacity in column and full-scale systems using synthetic and domestic. In this study, three calcium-rich substrates (Filtra P, Polonite , wollastonite) with ability to remove P from wastewater have been saturated with P and tested as potential fertilizers in a pot experiment. Polonite had a relatively higher P content than Filtra P and wollastonite after saturation. You can also browse global suppliers,vendor,prices,Price,manufacturers of .