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GB: EC declaration of conformity. We, Grundfos , declare under our sole responsibility that the products. MAGNA, to which this declaration relates, are in conformity with these. With the MAGNA you can stop worrying about which pump setting to choose.

As you may know from our Manufacturers page, Pump Solutions Australasia is an appointed Western Australia distributor for Grundfos pumps.

Grundfos MAGNACirculator Pump available at Burlington Pump. Check out some of the different case studies done with the Magnabelow: The impressive performance capabilities of the Magnawere enough to convince mechanical equipment technicians at St. Johns Hospital in Collegeville, MN . The MAGNApumps make up a broad range of small, medium and large circulator pumps fitted with communication equipment and motors with electronic speed control. First, a little about me and my system. I am a recovering engineer – albeit an aeronautical engineer – who left the field for a 2nd career about 20.

The new MAGNAcirculator from Grundfos offers industry-leading efficiency levels – as well as two new features that make it much more than a pump! Free iPod Shuffle when you buy online.

The MAGNArange of intelligent circulating pumps comes complete with electronically controlled motors that are based on permanent magnet (PM) and stator technology. Magnapumps feature: Automatic adjustment to match system. Pump Type, Variable Speed Circulators. MAGNApumps are extremely flexible and reliable, and have low noise levels, long life . Dimensions, 180mm High x 239mm Deep x 180mm Wide. The MAGNAwill automatically analyse the heating system, find the optimum setting and continuously adjust to changes in demand.

MAGNAoffers much more than multiple pump speeds to match varying system loads. Grundfos is the only manufacturer to offer an ECM circulator that uses an integrated logic algorithm to “learn” the varying energy- usage patterns of an application over time, enabling the software . Boasting the highest energy-efficiency rating available for circulator pumps in North America today, the MAGNAfrom Grundfos is at the forefront of smart pump technology. NOTE: THIS PUMP HAS FLANGED CONNECTIONS. It too has a tremendous amount of features and was also originally designed for the commercial market.

We have had great success with Grundfos circulators in general and have found that the . OY GRUNDFOS PUMPUT AB on maailman johtaviin pumppuvalmistajiin kuuluvan Grundfos konsernin Suomen myyntiyksikkö. Suomen pääkonttorimme sijaitsee Vantaalla, mutta myynti- ja huoltopalvelumme palvelevat myös Turussa, Lappeenrannassa, Oulussa, Seinäjoelle, T. Ce circulateur intègre une radio pour la régulation à distance. Atténuer les pertes de chaleur . Die Grundfos Baureihe MAGNAbesteht aus einer kompletten.

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