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AVTA thermostatic operated water valves are used for proportional regulation of water flow quantity in refrigeration plants with water-cooled condensers for condensing pressure regulation purposes. AVTA water regulating valves give modulating regulation of the condensing pressure and so maintain it constant during . Play all Funkcjonalne szafki kuchenneWFM KUCHNIE. Danfoss AVTA is a self-acting, thermostatically operated valve for use in cooling applications.

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Thermostatically operated cooling water valves. CSE Industrial Electrical Distributors Southampton Branch is a Danfoss Partner and sells a range of solenoid valves including the Danfoss AVTA thermostatically self acting cooling water valve. Shop with confidence on eBay! Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote. Insensitive to water pressure.

Needs no power supply – self acting. Opens on rising sensor temperature. Differential pressure: – bar.

Maximum working pressure (PS ): 16 . Largest Online marketplace for Medical Equipment Replacement Parts featuring OEM Biomedical parts. Medical parts online catalog – easy part ID and SmartPrice. Zawory termostatyczne typu AVTA znajdują powszechne zastosowanie w urządzeniach i instalacjach wymagających chłodzenia.

Zawory wodne bezpośredniego działania do bieżącej kontroli przepływu wody, współpracujące z czujnikiem temperatury Czujnik z wypełnieniem absorpcyjnym, masowym lub uniwersalnym . AVTA , Válvula de agua termostática. Oferta zaworów termostatycznych Danfoss obejmuje serię produktów przeznaczonych do regulacji zarówno w układach grzewczych, jak. Las válvulas AVTA y WVTS son válvulas de agua controladas por temperatura. Kg , Approval EAC, SVGW , Armoring Yes the best price, fast worldwide shipping, up to dis. An example of application is automatic control of water temperature in cooling systems.

Danfoss thermostatically operated valves are a simple and reliable control solution requiring neither electricity nor control air. Valve body and other metal parts. ATVA thermostatic valves with different types of charge.

The valves are available . For extremely aggressive media the valve can be supplied in titanium (please contact Danfoss ). AVTA SS valves have an adsorption charge as standard.