Z wave water valve

Indoor installation only! Adjustable rocker arm good for all standard ball valve handles and and alternative mounting brackets to fit your. The Zooz Z – Wave water valve is an affordable, easy to install water valve. What makes it even better, is that it since it controls a lever, it can be used for both water and gas lines, meaning you can automate both of them in the event of a disaster. Enjoy the peace of min knowing your home is protect from water damage!

Install the automated valve on your water main and pair with your Z – wave home network.

Features: Made in the USA using . Shop for Zwave Water Sensors or Zwave Water Valves at Aartech Canada, your Canadian automation experts. It is Z – Wave Wireless compatible and introduced by FortrezZ LLC. Compare Z – Wave Water Valve Controllers.

WVcan work as a Water Level . Need help sorting out the options? Use the comparison chart below to find the perfect product for your needs. Install the Z – Wave valve on your water main and pair with your Z – wave smart home. This FortrezZ shut off valve uses a motorized .

It can also be used in conjunction with remotely installed flood sensors to shut off the main water supply in case of water. Use To Prevent Water Damage When Leaks Occur! Prevent water leaks from getting out of control with this automatic water valve actuator. Find this wireless z – wave water shut-off valve at Home Controls. A remote water shutoff valve allows you to turn off your water from anywhere, saving you time and money.

Protect your home from costly water leaks. Easy to install and configure. No special tools or plumbing required.

The WV-is a new professional grade, electrically operated wireless water valve introduced by FortrezZ, LLC. Used in a wireless Z – Wave home automation network in conjunction with any Z – Wave water alarm sensor (ex. WWA-0X), the WV-can reduce or eliminate damages caused by leaky plumbing or appliances. See more product details . Be protected 24xwith our automated water valve. It will shut off the main water if the sensor senses a water leak!

The system consists of main components: the motorized brass ball valve , the Z – Wave motor, and the water sensor. The valve connects to your water supply line. We offer a variety of Z – Wave Water Valves and Misc other devices. Description Quick Overview This zConnect water valve is a wireless Z – Wave enabled device and is fully compatible with any Z – Wave network with the same region Ra.

The Water Main Shut-Off consists of three main parts – the “ MOTOR ASSEMBLY,” the “MOUNTING BRACKET,” and the “CONTROL ARM. Pretty new to this stuff, so please forgive my ignorance.

Fluent zwave valve controller, water shut off. Late last month, Melbourne-based home automation distributor Digital Home Systems announced a new, in-house brand of Z – Wave devices called zConnect. Previously, the company announced .