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WISE is a system for demand-controlled ventilation that comprises physical products, control systems and communication. Saving energy and safeguarding an optimal indoor climate has never been easier. Demand-controlled ventilation involves optimising the amount of power consumed to operate fans in the air handling unit.

In this respect, a lot of money can be saved! Especially where there is considerable variation between low and high load conditions in a room and during times when there are few or no occupants .

WISE DIR is a central control unit with integrated radio transmitter, which wirelessly collects data, processes and sends data back to a group of climate and ventilation products to control and regulate the indoor climate. Connected with a network cable to the operating network. WISE OCS is a combined occupancy, humidity and temperature sensor with integrated radio transmitter.

The unit has a PIR sensor to detect occupancy and sensors to measure air humidity and temperature. Can be used as communications bridge. Air quality sensor – Indoor Air Quality.

WISE IAQ COmeasures: CO RH and temperature. WISE är ett system för behovsstyrd ventilation som omfattar fysiska produkter, styrsystem och kommunikation.

Att spara energi och säkra ett optimalt inneklimat har aldrig varit enklare. Wise apartment is a system solution for ventilation especially designed for renovation of multi-apartment buildings. Swegon , the market leading producer and supplier of energy efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems has together with LumenRadio produced a revolutionary wireless climate control system which is easy to install, maintain and upgrade. The new system, New WISE , gives Swegon and real estate owners great . The IoT enabled climate control system delivers comfortable conditions for the tenants by demand- controlled regulation of air, heat and cold with the lowest possible energy consumption. More flexible when rebuilding.

Demand controlled ventilation saves up to of the fan energy and of the cooling and . Semcon- Swegon – WISE -case-promo. System WISE Apartment Solution przeznaczony jest dla całego budynku wielorodzinnego i zawiera wszystkie niezbędne elementy – od centrali wentylacyjnej GOLD po nawiewniki. Zaprojektowany jest dla mieszkań standardowych – w Skandynawii oznacza to, że do wszystkich pomieszczeń jest dostęp z . Sign-In To Add To Favorites. Super WISE Web Page Manual. Access to this server requires a web browser . Director International Sales på Swegon Group.

It´s a meshed network and a self-healing, frequency hopping short range system. Sign in to like this article.

In order to maintain a leading position, Swegon has implemented major structural changes and is developing the next generation of wireless control systems with associated products. New WISE is the first intelligent wireless control system for demand-based indoor climate in the market. It optimises the amount of energy .