Water testing

Water testing is a broad description for various procedures used to analyze water quality. Millions of water quality tests are carried out daily to fulfill regulatory requirements and to maintain safety. Testing may be performed to evaluate: ambient or environmental water quality – the ability of a surface water body to support . For help in interpreting your water test —and what might be a health risk or an aesthetic issue—ask the lab that conducted the test or your county health . Test your drinking water at least weekly during periods of high water levels to ensure your water does not contain the bacterial indicators of contamination.

Until you have an acceptable test result, boil your water . Water Testing drinking water analysis testing for private wells, groundwaters, springwater, well water, private water systems, and cisterns. If you suspect your drinking water is contaminate the water should be tested. If you have an individual well, we suggest that you test your water for bacteria annually.

Depending on the of that test , you may be advised to test for other contaminants such as metals, sediment, or organic pollutants. If your water sample is unsatisfactory, you . A presence of live coliforms in your water is an indication that surface water is entering your drinking water , which . Test your water every year for total coliform bacteria, nitrates, total dissolved solids, and pH levels.

Always use a state certified laboratory that conducts drinking water tests. Since some contaminant testing can be expensive, spend some time identifying potential problems. There are a variety of bacteria, parasites, and viruses that can potentially cause Well Water Quality if humans ingest them. Testing water for each of these would be difficult and expensive. Instea water testing for total coliform levels serves as an indicator of contamination.

Coliform bacteria can enter well water through a . Two of our lab programs do water testing : chemistry and environmental microbiology. We perform tests on samples from private wells, public drinking water suppliers, and surface water such as rivers and recreational lakes to ensure the environment is free from pollutants or harmful bacteria. The reason for having your . Although your well water may taste and smell fine, the only way to know your well water is safe is by testing it. Harmful bacteria or chemicals that you cannot see, smell or taste could be present.

We offer private well water testing through our lab. We do not test City of Springfield water. Testing Hours Water samples may be dropped off for testing at the Harold K. Do you trust that your drinking water is safe?

Recent surveys suggest that nearly half of Americans are unsure. But while the technology exists to take testing into ones own hands, monitoring air .

We must receive your sample within hours of collection. Requesting Water Tests has become increasingly complex as the number and complexity of potential contaminates also increase. To help in the selection of the appropriate testing of water, this Water Testing Guide has several sections.

First, a general description and educational information is provided to help individuals. Private well owners are responsible for testing their water. They may contact private commercial laboratories certified to test drinking water quality or the Delaware Public Health laboratory (DPHL).

It is recommended to test private well water annually for nitrates and coliform bacteria. More frequent testing , however, may be . Bacterial testing for private wells is performed free of charge by the Ontario Ministry of Health. Wake County encourages all private well users to have their water tested regularly to ensure that it is safe for drinking.

Wake County Environmental Services is pleased to offer private well users a wide range of drinking water testing services to help them ensure their water is safe. On this page you will find the information needed to submit your samples to Maxxam for testing, guidance on how to read your report and helpful links on water quality protection.