Water for people

It is a nonprofit international development organization that helps people in rural parts of developing countries achieve greater access to drinkable and potable water and sanitation . We are a global nonprofit working across countries to achieve lasting quality water and sanitation services. Too many water and sanitation programs stop short of full coverage, helping some but not others, due to poor planning. Water For People exists to promot.

Often the areas skippe are the poorest and hardest to reach communities. If you want to join this group, you need to register on UWASNET.

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More than billion people lack access to . WFP empowers local governments, community members, and service providers to invest in the long-term solutions and systems that are right for them. You, the farmer, the clothing company and the microchip maker all depend on water , but none owns or manages the water sources. We all must share them with other users – and that means we all have a role to play in protecting the sources of our water for today and tomorrow. When one person or one family has clean, accessible water, their lives are changed. But when entire regions and countries have water, the world is changed.

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Lead agencies: UNESCO and WMO. Challenges to Life and Well-Being. Collaborating agency: UNICEF.

Around the worl 8million people do not have access to safe drinking water and 2. While Cambodia may be abundant with fresh water during the rainy season, many rural people have to walk far from their homes to find the water they need during the dry season. It takes a lot of time, energy and strength to carry . We want water for everyone, forever”.