Verderflex – peristaltic pumping solutions for liquid handling. Peristaltic hose pumps are very versatile however generally they are for heavy-duty applications such as abrasive slurry, high solid content or high suction lift requirements found in industrial, sewage and mining applications. The working principle creates up to . Products About us Get in touch. Centrifugal Mechanical components Pumps .

More than half a century, the Verder Group has been providing first-class solutions in the fields of liquids handling, process handling and laboratory equipm. Including smaller pumps intended for use in Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) such as vending machines, up to the wo. Global pumps has established itself as a key supplier of peristaltic hose pumps and tube pumps of the verderflex brand for industrial and mining applications. Stocked in Australia by Global Pumps. Join LinkedIn today for free.

The first and most important of which is our hose construction. For more information about.

Industrial Peristaltic Pumps. The successful use of hose pumps in a number of fields led Verder to develop a hose with an enhanced construction. However, Verder hoses are specifically designed and manufactured . Company Overview Based in Vleuten in the Netherlands, the Verder Group consists of a number of technical production and trading companies all over the world. The pumps provide reliable and accurate performance which helps the Hydrocell sampler systems produced by Halifax-based . Browse our latest process-pump-spares-kits offers.

Although there can be many reasons for a hose to failure, fatigue is one of the main seasons. Hoses fail for one main reason: fatigue. Bore Size , 1m Long , Food Grade, Peristaltic Pump Compatible.

SPeCIfYING A PerISTAlTIC PUMP. There are many factors that influence which combination of pump head and tube is used on any particular application. Our pumps can be found around the globe in industries as varied as mining, wastewater treatment and pharmaceuticals. Our extensive network of international distributors provide our customers with the best, local service. General Arrangement Layout.

A solution is available for all types of projects, ranging from small original equipment manufacturers (OEM) pumps to large hose.

These durable hose and tube pumps can be used in the industrial, chemicals, mining, and food and beverage dispensing industries for their clean and accurate . These pumps, manufactured in the UK, aim to reduce . Search for further products and novelties.