Up15 14b

Pump housing: Brass MS 68. Maximum operating pressure: bar. Port-to-port length: mm.

Liquid temperature range: 2. It is ideal for applications where only a very small amount of water is required for circulation. Used by many of the solar hot water system manufactures , .

There is a name change and part number change only. Spherical- rotor pump designed for circulation of domestic hot water within the hot-water distribution system. Grundfos UP- B PM COMFORT Hot Water Service Circulator. The pump is made for installation in systems with a return pipe. In such installations the pump delivers instantly hot water all over the building.

Nov Only 6yrs ol it occasionally just vibrateas though the impeller was just rattling, not rotating silently and the hot water sometimes took ages to arrive. I thought the pump had faile but after the plumber replaced it, we unscrewed the pump body from its base. A tiny white plastic grommet appeared.

The PM and the BA are a brass secondary hot water service circulator, designed for. Tällaisissa kokoonpanoissa pumppu tuottaa lämmintä vettä välittömästi koko . Teleso čerpadla: Mosadz MS Obežné koleso: Nehrdzavejúca oceľ, EPDM, PPO, PTFE, Grafit Max. Cirkulačné čerpadlo Grundfos COMFORT UP – 14B PM. Viac ako rokov s Vami!

This pump is the updated version of the UP- 14B. Se Cirkulationspumper og find et stort udbud fra Grundfos på BilligVVS. Danmarks største VVS forhandler på nettet! The motor can be separated from the pump housing, enabling easy maintenance and replacement. Applications – domestic . Hasonlítsa össze az árakat ! Pompa z wirnikiem kulowym jest przeznaczona do użytku w domowych instalacjach ciepłej wody użytkowej.

Pompa jest przeznaczona do montażu w instalacjach z przewodem cyrkulacyjnym. W takich instalacjach pompa zapewnia natychmiastową dostępność ciepłej wody użytkowej w . UP – B PM Det højeffektive Grundfos Comfort PM program er konstrueret til recirkulation af varmt brugsvand med et blyfrit pumpehus til drikkevan som egner sig til en- og tofamilieshuse. Dette program drives af en højeffektiv et-faset permanentmagnet-motor med poler. I sådana system ger pumpen varmvatten direkt i.