Unidrain corner

The corner drain is the discreet solution for bathrooms and utility rooms where space often is limited. Whether you choose the familiar linear drain or the discreet corner drain, your solution will be stylish and 1 waterproof. There are lots of options for making up your floor drain so that the final solution fits in perfectly with all structures – both new builds and renovations.

In terms of appearance, you can achieve exactly the . Whichever solution you choose, the floor drain is fitted with Unidrain’s patented flanges, to make it 1 waterproof.

The linear floor drains are the invention that formed the. H mm HighLine Corner Panel with frame. Stylish design for your bathroom. Whether you opt for the familiar linear drain or the space-saving corner drain, you will get a stylish and 1 watertight drain that fits perfectly into any construction.

Can be installed with or without HighLine frame. The set must be assembled before mounting. Set includes mm distance piece for use when mounting without a frame.

Bespoke can be adapted to both inward and outward corners. Bespoke offers several options for assembling the system. Find a product or data sheets from one of Unidrain product lines for more information.

Contact us for a customized solution or personal assistance. The drain unit has two wall flanges and one floor flange. Weight including packaging. The ClassicLine soap shelf comes in three different designs, each in linear and corner versions: Column, Classic and Anniversario.

Soap shelves – Column – Line . Mat drain can be placed in the utility room or entrance hall and is connected to the existing pipe system, so excess mud and water are drained away. Stainless steel (AISI 304). Construction height ( corner ). Available in 1 1 and mm heights ( depending on the thickness of the floor tile). Unidrain GlassLine is an intelligent and functional series of shower screens in glass and shower doors, that creates a beautiful and modern shower. Hjørne For use with corner fittings.

The Unidrain floor drain is an elegant and functional solution to your shower cubicle and wetroom.

In addition, the wide range of designs that are available to the Unidrain floor drain-series from ClassicLine and HighLine, provides a minimalistic and sleek result that completes your bathroom. See more ideas about Corner , .