Tunze 9001

The skimmer is quiet and generates a very large volume of small bubbles for efficient skimmer operation. It operates stand-alone without needing any additional equipment (feed pumps, etc) and mounts to the tank via a convenient magnet . Our newest and most compact skimmer! Sep Nano aquariums have been growing in popularity and new equipment and technology are finally making it easier to have a slice of the ocean on your desk. With a small footprint, .

It also has a smaller size and can be nearly invisible in a 13 . Shop with confidence on eBay! I was impressed with the build quality but disappointed to realize that I needed to add an attachment for . At only around $100- 12 this makes for a very high value nano reef addition and an essential. Anyone else have this skimmer? When I first installed it months ago, it had a decent foam head and skimmed well.

Tunze `s newest and most compact skimmer!

It is ideal for nano reef aquariums up to 1litres and only uses 2. Typical German made Tunze Quality that we have loved for over years. Includes needlewheel pump and magnet holder for up to 10mm glass or acrylic. Simple, quiet and effective – these are the current demands towards aquarium components. Only a goal-oriented design can counteract the. Foam comes up and cup fills at a good.

A magnet extension is also included to place the skimmer off the glass, just enough to fit tanks with a rim. There are some negative reviews online that talk about the magnet not holding well. Heard great things about this.

Sure it pulls dirty water. But my old swc 1on my 125gal tank pulled SLUDGE! Ive had mine up and running in my RSM1for the past few weeks and im not sure its doing what it. Has anybody got any DARK SKIM. Recommended from to 1liters ( to USgal.) of sea water.

L (.0USgal.), air capacity: approx.

Send PM Thanks Happy new year to all. A simple installation into a corner of the aquarium is sufficient and .