Tunze 6095

Wide-flow DC pump from German-made Tunze powerheads – one of the best high flow powerheads available. Tunze is known for its waveboxes, osmolators and stream pumps. All the components were high grade plastic or rubber and everything assembled . WIDE FLOW for aquariums from 1to 0liters (to 2USgal.).

The innovative microprocessor- controlled motor is based on the latest state of the art in technology and offers very high reliability requiring less servicing and current consumption. The new propeller housing has been .

Now we are here to told you why. Energy consumption: – W. The Nanostream Electronic contains a new microprocessor controlled motor and thus can be called an . Pompa dostarczana jest razem z mocowaniami magnetycznymi. Nowe, innowacyjne pompy cyrkulacyjne do akwariów morskich. Dają szeroki i intensywny strumień wody, dzięki niewielkim wymiarom pasują do każdego zbiornika.

Regulacja wydajności sprawia, że idealnie nadają się do symulowania naturalnych pływów morskich. Cleaned up and working perfectly.

Shipped in the original boxes. Kessil H3with Gooseneck. Also about six months old $250. Is an Apogee private labeled for . Paraquatics is a one stop shop for all your aquarium needs. Based in Hove, East Sussex.

I have an Gallon Square Back Hex Front reef tank (48W 30T 15D) with a Sicce Syncra Multi Pump 5. Bay Kleinanzeigen – Kostenlos. Cable length: m (19 in.). This was before the wizard was available. My question do I still need the timers and the rest of the programming I did for the jebaos,or does the wizard rewrite all of them? Została zaprojektowana do średnich akwariów morskich.

Pompa ta charakteryzuje się najwyższą jakością wykonania w . As a standard feature, the Turbelle nanostream is supplied with a magnetic holder which allows an uncomplicated attachment at any position on the aquarium. In addition, they have been provided with a fish care function in case . Urządzenie na lata, bardzo niezawodne. Posiadam dwie takie pompy.

Na innym ogłoszeniu sterownik do tych pomp.

Consommation : Entre et 21W. Accessoires fournis : Câble de 5M, Magnet Holder avec pince Silence pour vitres . What is the best placement and program to run them on? The flow is easily as wide as an mp40.

Selling now as I have decom my bigger.