Trelleborg twin

The Twin Tractor T4tires offer an increased output from tractors and other pulling machines. This way utilizes the horse powers in a more efficient way. A complete range of low ground pressure tires suited for agricultural machines in heavy and severe applications. The tyres TWIN optimise the performance of the tractors and other agricultural machines contributing to improve the provision of the same. The special width and his wide surface of contact with the terrain in addition to the low pressesure to which can work ensure a performance optimo of the crops and a very high . Optimum in all type of terrains and conditions of work, offers maximum respect with the terrain and his productivity thanks to the wide zone of contact of the tyre and to the profile rounded of the extremes.

Trelleborg Twin Radial is a tyre for tow and agricultural machinery. The inclination of the swearwords and the structure of . Klikkaa tästä kuvat ja lisätiedot. The central block structure enables the tyre to self clean efficiently and rapidly. It has a high load capacity and excellent traction.

Technical specifications.