Toilet lock

Safety 1st Swing Shut Toilet Lock This suction-mounted lock is easy to install and locks into position when the toilet lid is shut. It provides an easy way to prevent children from throwing things into the toilet. Childproof Toilet Handle Lock (Original). This lock is easy to install and helps keep the toilet lid locked when not in use.

Adults can open the lock easily by sliding it to off position and it resets automatically when the lid is lowered.

The lock has an adjustable arm and is easy to use. You know how curious little ones can be. Help keep your child from playing in the toilet by securing the lid firmly shut to prevent exploration.

The Easy Grip Toilet Lock is one-handed for quick release. It also removes easily for cleaning or periods of non-use. Protect children from getting into the toilet and flooding house or getting hands dirty.


Curious kids try to explore everywhere, but the Safety st OutSmart Toilet Lock helps you keep them safer with the first ever decoy button. Your child will think the decoy button will let them open the toilet, but pushing it has no effect. The Safety st Swing Shut Toilet Lock is a terrific option for the parents of little investigators who may be curious enough to explore beneath the lid.

Free 2-day shipping on qualified orders over $35. This safety toilet lid lock not only prevents unwanted accidents or losses, but also keeps your child and your plumbing safe. You will no longer have to scoop toys out of the toilet. It is pretty simple to install and requires minimum effort. Super-strong adhesive mak.

How to baby proof the toilet seat. Buy Safety 1st Cover Clamp Toilet Lock – The Safety 1st Cover Clamp Toilet Lock was designed to help keep children (and toys) out of the toilet. Next to the kitchen , the bathroom is one of the most dangerous areas in the home for toddlers. The toilet is of particular interest because of the fun element of water.

Toilet Latches to protect your child from getting into the toilet. A baby proof toilet latch is the next best way to keep your child safe around the toilet. There are many different toilet locks available to prevent your baby from opening up the toilet seat.

I found a huge problem with childproof toilet lid locks.

There are so many different toilets, there is no guarantee that a . Keep curious little ones safe with the Adhesive Toilet Lock by KidCo. Disengage feature for those times when locking is not needed. Average Ratings: (Reviews).