Tangit pvc u

TANGIT PVC-U è un adesivo a presa rapida specifico per giunzioni longitudinali di tubi di PVC rigido. Incolla anche ABS e altre materie plastiche (escluso PE e PP) . Rohrklebstoff zum Verkleben von thermoplatischen Druckrohrleitungssystemen aus Hart-PVC ( PVC – U ). For bonding of thermoplastic PVC – U piping systems under pressure acc. Used for non pressure piping systems acc.

Butanone-and Cyclohexanone. Solvent-containing adhesive based on. Long open time of Minutes. General chemical description: Adhesive solution. Tangit PVC-U Special Adhesive (formerly known as Tangit ALL.

PRESSURE). Base substances of preparation: Non-plasticized PVC in a mixture of organic solvents. Tangit products have been built on over years of extensive research and experience, thus ensuring consistent outstanding product quality. Tangit offers a variety of different pressure pipe adhesives and cleaners as well as professional solutions for thread sealing, passive fire protection and the installation of house .

Tangit è un adesivo a presa rapida specifico per giunzioni longitudinali di tubi in PVC rigido. Na každé čištění použijte novou papírovou utěrku. Raw material basis: UPVC, tetrahydrofurane, (THF stabilized), methylethylketone, cyclohexanone. Density (spec. gravity): abt.

Temperature resistance: corresponds to that of PVC – U. Resistibility: The glued joints are water resis- tant. Professional aquarium installers and maintenance personnel love this stuff. Unions last as long as the P. Single component-special adhesive TANGIT PVC-U. Buy the Tangit – Pvc-u Weld Tube – 50ml online from Takealot.

We offer fast, reliable delivery to your door. Free delivery on eligible orders of £ or more. Tangit open time depends on the ambient temperature and on the thickness of the adhesive film. IDENTIFICATION OF THE MATERIAL AND SUPPLIER. Product Name: TANGIT PVC-U.