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THE NEW VIREO AIR DIFFUSER. NEW AND UPDATED AIR DIFFUSERS. Swegon is owned by the Investment AB Latour group. Join LinkedIn today for free. BVA Systems Tennessee Inc.

Swegon provides components and innovative system solutions that create a good indoor climate and contribute to significant energy savings in all types of buildings.

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Ansvarig Hannu Saastamoinen år. Bokslut, styrelse, F-skatt, telefonnummer. It offers air handling units, waterborne climate systems, air diffusers, home ventilation systems, chillers and heat pumps, datacenter cooling systems, demand controlled ventilation systems, system products, fans, and acoustics.

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The former Ruskin brands of . Swegon AB specialises in air handling, cooling and ventilation. Swegon Group AB acquires Safegard Systems Ltd in the Republic of Ireland. Visa fler bolag på denna adress.

Blake Lapthorn has advised the founder and majority shareholder of the Coolmation group of businesses in the sale of the group to Swegon Limite a subsidiary of Swegon AB. Hitta adress på karta, kontaktinfo, nyckeltal och befattningar. The acquisition will increase the net debt in the Latour Group with about SEK 6m. It all began with the development and production of direct drive centrifugal fans.

Nowadays, Lemmens has grown, and is also developing and producing entire, high-tech ventilation handling units, including heating, cooling, and air conditioning solutions. Swegon ILTO Oy , Finnish company has achieved significant cost savings in both development and production by using SolidWorks PDM as a solution for data management. Finnish company Swegon ILTO OY has achieved significant cost savings in both development and production by using SolidWorks PDM as a solution for data management.

Swegon AB, the Scandinavian market leader in the fields of indoor climate and air conditioning, buys all shares in the Italian Blue Box Group S. BlueBox Group acquired by Swegon. Add new data to Crunchbase with Marketplace The Crunchbase app store. Add best-in-class data to Crunchbase, à la carte.

Swegon, skandinavischer Hersteller im Bereich Lüftungs‐ und Klimatechnik, stärkt mit der Übernahme seine Präsenz im deutschen Markt für kontrollierte . Systemair AB Systemair Ltd Technik SpA Tecnive! Swegon Cooling is the group business division related to supply “cooling (and heating)” for HVAC, Industrial and IT applications. Project Coordinator, HVAC.

Swegon , PM Luft, från beställningsskrädderi till serietillverkning av ventilation i moduler. Omsättningen är miljarder .