Swegon colibri

COLIBRI CC Product view, COLIBRI Ceiling Circular. Are you interested in this product? Wall air diffusers with discs for supply air and flush mounting.

Zu Ihrem örtlichen Swegon – Kontakt . Rektangulær ventil med dyser for til- og avtrekksluft.

Nelikulmainen kattoon asennettava tuloilmalaite suuttimilla. Kvadratiskt takdon med vridbara små dysor. CC med cirkulärt mönster och CR med kvadratiskt mönster.

ADAPT Colibri is an already well-known product in the Swegon series ADAPT with active communicative diffusers. ADAPT Colibri has a combined diffuser and commissioning box with built-in WISE control and motorized damper. Thanks to a new and uniquely integrated damper you receive the exact . Contact the manufacturer directly to receive a quote.

Swegon is owned by the Investment AB Latour group. Ilmastointi – Päätelaitteet ja venttiilit – Ilmanhajottimet – ilmanhajoittimet. Disc diffuser for supply and extract air. This is a sure sign that we have done a good job.

Quiet, free of draught and well-designed to blend in among other fittings in their surroundings, our air diffusers give rooms a . We reserve the right to alter specifications. Square ceiling terminal with discs for supply air. The air dif- fuser is designed for mounting in modular suspended ceilings, yet is well-suited for mounting . Kattoon asennettava hajotin. Kanavaliitos: Ø160mm Hajotinkoko: 4x 400mm.

NOTE: EXTRACT GRILLES MOUNTED IN THE SAS CEILING SYSTEM TO BE SUPPLIED WITH APPROPIATE ADAPTOR FRAME. Super WISE intelligent control unit make up the package solution in Swegon Office Solution Air, the opti- mum airborne solution for a good indoor climate for offices. Tilluftsdon Collibri Ceiling C med cirkulärt mönster, Swegon. Swegon , the market leading producer and supplier of energy efficient ventilation and indoor climate systems has together with LumenRadio produced a revolutionary wireless climate control system which is easy to install, maintain and upgrade.

The new system, New WISE, gives Swegon and real estate . Animated HTMLpresentation.

Quadratischer Zuluftauslass mit Düsen (Ø mm) für die Deckenmontage. Strahlkasten und Strahlkomponente bestehen aus lackiertem Stahlblech. Die Montage kann sowohl auf geschlossenen . ADAPTTM Colibri – Read more about adapt, colibri , modbus, sensormodul, kopplingsbox and storlek. Dyseteknikken tillader lufttilførsel med store undertemperaturer. Sprederdelen er udstyret med Quick Access, . Armaturet er velegnet til konstant eller variabel volumenstrøm.

TIL- OG FRALUFTSVENTILER. F12-1: SWEGON, GRLc 500×200. F12-2: SWEGON, GRLc 600×200. F12-3: SWEGON, GRLc 600×600.