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It is intended for adults who do not have Swedish as their mother tongue. You can study with SFI if you are registered in the Municipality of Uppsala , have an upper secondary school diploma or . For more information please see SFI. For information about language courses on Gotlan please contact staff administrator Marie Engegard.


Uppsala is located minutes from Stockholm, and minutes from Stockholm Arlanda Airport – and is one of Sweden’s four major cities. Uppsala is known for its university and cultural. Swedish for immigrants – Biskops Arnö Nordens Folkhögskola sfi-skola. The Cooperation organisation for immigrant associations in Uppsala (SIU) brings together about immigrant associations. A wide range of Swedish courses is available through adult education associations, of varying content, length and intensity.

Some provide board and lodging and organise social activities, whilst others only offer language instruction. Course providers issue their own certificates.

Some schools will offer courses with starting . It is easy to learn Swedish at Hermods SFI! What SFI-course you should study depends on how much swedish you know. You decide how you want to study. At Hermods you can study SFI when and where it suits you.

The project further explores the policies and approaches with respect to various indicators for . Vitamin D intake and status in immigrant and native Swedish women: a study at a primary health care centre located at 60°N in Sweden. OH)D levels and intake of vitamin D between immigrant and Swedish women attending a primary care health centre in Uppsala and to examine what kind of . Sweden has welcomed a large number of immigrants and asylum seekers, among them many children, some unaccompanied. According to the Swedish Education . Immigration to Sweden is the process by which people migrate to Sweden to reside in the country. Many, but not all, become Swedish citizens. The economic, social, and political aspects of immigration have caused some controversy regarding ethnicity, economic benefits, jobs for non- immigrants , settlement patterns, . Stockholm, Uppsala , Lund and Umeå and by the Department of Swedish Language at the.

University of Gothenburg.

One of the obstacles faced by many foreign doctors has been the need to support themselves while attending the course in medical Swedish. Medical knowledge (“TULE”) test. Housing Careers: Immigrants in Local Swedish Housing. MARIANNE ABRAMSSON LARS-ERIK BORGEGAº RD2. Study Swedish in Uppsala , Sweden and meet the world.

Uppsala International Summer Session organizes summer courses in the Swedish language for students and professionals. The minimum age requirement is 18. Their reasons and backgrounds vary, but . In Sweden, all adult immigrants who are registered in a municipality and who do not have Swedish as . Market and Education Policy (IFAU ), and Uppsala Center for Labor.