SteriPEN creates the leading handheld ultraviolet water purifiers to make your adventures easier. Get the right one for your travels now. Featuring a user-friendly display Ultra is rechargeable via a computer, outlet or portable solar panel. Ultra’s UV lamp treats up to 0one-liter treatments and is proven to be safe and effective, eliminating over 99.

Available at REI, 1 Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Filter Type ‎: ‎Ultraviolet Batteries ‎: ‎CR1Filter Medium ‎: ‎Ultraviolet light Best Use ‎: ‎Backpacking steripen classic steripen vs lifestraw steripen instructions best steripen steripen traveler steripen quantum People also search for SteriPEN Ultra Water Purifier at REI – REI. Best Use ‎: ‎Backpacking Filter Medium ‎: ‎Ultraviolet light Filter Type ‎: ‎Ultraviolet Pump Strokes Per Liter ‎: ‎Not applicable steripen comparison steripen classic steripen effectiveness steripen aqua steripen freedom steripen quantum People also search for SteriPEN Classic Water Purifier with Prefilter at REI – REI. In stock Trusted in the mountains and on international trips, the handheld SteriPEN Classic Water Purifier with Prefilter is simple and quick to use, and it ensures your water is safe for drinking.

Filter Type ‎: ‎Ultraviolet Batteries ‎: ‎AA Filter Medium ‎: ‎Ultraviolet light Best Use ‎: ‎Backpacking steripen classic vs classic steripen classic instructions steripen classic rei rei steripen quantum how to use steripen quantum steripen pure reviews People also search for SteriPEN Classic Water Purifier with Prefilter at REI – REI. Let the SteriPEN Classic ultraviolet purifier with prefilter be your single source for potable water on your next traveling or backpacking adventure. Plus affordable alternatives for travelers.

B003A1MURC Here we review some. The workhorse of the SteriPEN family, the Classic uses ultraviolet light to make your drinking water safer, wherever you are.

SteriPEN UV water purifiers are invaluable to people hiking, backpacking, or camping that need to use water from a pon stream, or lake. Whatever your water source is, the . This portable water purifier uses ultraviolet (UV) light to quickly destroy over 99. UV water treatment makes water safe to drink in as little as seconds and is easy to use.

Just press the button, place in water and stir. SteriPEN Adventurer Opti Personal,Handheld UV Water Purifier. Dec Stick the SteriPEN unit into a glass of water, turn it on, stir it aroun and in seconds you have killed any bacterial contamination, leaving you with clean safe drinking water. It is a great way to discreetly purify the glass of water at your table in a third world restaurant, and has many other uses too.

Learn how the SteriPen Water Purification system can saves you money and make your travels easier. Ideal for backpackers, hikers, adventurers and travelers. The Prefilter screws onto . Learn more about the SteriPEN at HowStuffWorks.

The SteriPEN is a very popular travel gadget. Looking at steripens for a relative for a gift who is a keen traveller. Ive noted there are a number of different types available Some have mixed reviews e. Apr Over the past eight months the SteriPEN Ultra has become my go-to backpacking water purifier.

Like all backcountry gear, there are downsides to the SteriPEN Ultra, but on the whole, I think it’s an excellent choice for backcountry water purification.

With a standard small-mouth. This round of testing, we gave the SteriPEN Ultra a whirl. It is similar to other SteriPEN products in that it uses ultra-violet light to get rid of harmful microorganisms in your water.

Find the best SteriPen Quantum UV Water Purifier at L. Our high quality Outdoor Equipment is made for the shared joy of the outdoors. But like all backcountry water treatment solutions, it has its PROS and CONS, and is not suitable in all . May The maximum amount of water which can be treated at once using the SteriPEN Traveler, which is the model I was testing, is liter (fluid ounces). The instructions indicate that the device should only be used with clear water. Waterborne disease and illnesses caused by the absence of sanitary domestic water, are a leading cause of death worldwide.

The world bank states that percent of all diseases are due to unsanitary drinking water, poor hygiene and sanitation. The World Health Organization states that of . Charge the battery from a wall outlet, computer, or portable solar panel and then .