Sluice gate

A sluice (from the Dutch sluis) is a water channel controlled at its head by a gate. A mill race, leet, flume, penstock or lade is a sluice channelling water toward a water mill. The terms sluice, sluice gate , knife gate, and slide gate are used interchangeably in the water and wastewater control industry.

Sluice gate , open-channel hydraulics, online labs, San Diego State University, Dr. Cool new invention takes the pain out of feeding a sluice box.

MU Wall penstock CC Channel penstock RR Round swing check gate RC Rectangular swing check gate SL Stop Log RB Weir gate. WATERMAN HEAVY-DUTY CAST IRON SLIDE ( SLUICE ) GATES are used in applications where safety and reliable performance are essential (dams, tidal environments, water treatment plants) and where outstanding product longevity is desired. WATERMAN P-HEAVY-DUTY CAST IRON SLUICE GATES are ideally suited for pipe end shut-off applications.

They are constructed of high-strength, close- grained cast grey iron, and feature stainless steel non-rising stems with 29- degree Acme thread standard. Cast Ductile Iron Design. Waterman P-sluice gates are commonly used in . As opposed to fabricated parts, our cast parts have less potential for failure over time.

High Unseating Pressure Tolerance.

With an unseating pressure rating of 50psi, our sluice. This is a vertical rising sluice gate , which means that a piece of machinery is used to adjust the height of the gate. By adjusting this height, the sluice gate is able to control the water.

In general, sluice gates are used to control the level and flow rate of water in a river. When the gate is fully lowere water could spill over the . Sluice gate : …use including a dam with sluice gates allowing regulation of the flow of the water stored. The Phoenicians, Assyrians, Sumerians, and Egyptians all constructed elaborate canal systems.

The most spectacular canal of this period was probably Nahrawān, 4feet wide and 2miles long, built to provide a . Find here details of companies selling Sluice Gate in Ahmedaba Gujarat. Get latest info on Sluice Gate , suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders with Sluice Gate prices for buying. While this gate is a Standard fabricated and not cast . Model GH-Sluice Gate combines the time tested sealing methods of adjustable wedging action and resilient seals to provide a superior sealing performance surpassing the specified standards of AWWA.

Flexible design is available in project specific sizes and operating head conditions. Operating the sluice gate 1The monk outlet 23. Before filling the pon insert two rows of wooden boards into the set of grooves until you reach a little lower than the maximum water level. Fill the space between these rows with earth or sawdust, compacting well.

Place the screen on top of the front row of boards.

Help us improving the Re3gistry software! Definition: A gate used to . Sluice – Gate Operation Analytical solution of a general simple-wave problem in supercritical flow is not available, as explained in Section 7-4. The flow downstream of a gate is always supercritical as long the gate acts as a control. The changes in flow profiles due to the gate operation can be analyzed analytically only if .