Shower beer

Back to cases Back to Cases Next CaseNext case. But not any beer and certainly not just a . A community of beer enthusiasts who enjoy drinking in the shower. Two Swedish companies have joined forces to create the first ever shower beer. But as it turns out, not all beers are suitable .

The beer specifically made to drink in the shower whilst getting ready for the night listening to Dressed for Success! You deserve to enjoy everything American about a beer in the shower. Maybe you like bath beers? Never tried having a beer in the shower ? Drinking in the shower is a pastime that much of the Lifehacker staff holds near and dear to their hearts. The popular beverage of choice for such an activity?

Also, coffee and maybe a fancy cocktail.

Duke Cannon believes in efficiency, and nothing is more efficient that enjoying a cold beer in a hot shower. The shower beer is such an underrated beer. And yet, it flies under the radar.

Swedish ad agency Snask has developed a new beer specifically designed to drink in the shower. Fredrik Tunedal, the craft brewer and founder of Sweden-based PangPang Brewery, is a fan of the concept of a shower beer too. The Czech style pilsner is a best seller. For anybody who inexplicably might not already know by now, a shower beer is achieved when you drink a beer in the shower.

When I was a ki all I needed to make bath time less of a drag was a rubber ducky and maybe some Crayola Bathtub Crayons (remember those?!). But it was sometime in my early 20s when I realized the magic of the shower beer. An official shower beer ? Want a better shower beer ? One night, we asked ourselves what if you could just stick your beer to that shower wall? It was glorious friends – one of those aha moments. We combined a simple foam can cooler with industrial grade Velcro to create shower beer awesomeness.

Not only is your beer now hands free, it also . You are the almighty relaxer.

You, who are so cold when the water is so hot. Others have tried to reenact your . Life can be rough, but a shower beer goes a long way. Shower Beer refers to the practice of consuming a beer while bathing in a shower. On various community sites online, enthusiasts often share selfie photographs of themselves consuming shower beers.

The Shower Beer is one of the best things one can have. Few beer drinking situations conjure up the relaxed romanticism of the “ shower beer. Showering evokes the idea of getting ready for something – be it the day or a night out on the town – and similarly, beer is often the “pre-game” beverage of choice. So drinking a beer in the shower combines one of the most utilitarian .