We support the Swedish foundation Active School. It can be placed according to your needs and fastened to the wall or floor. Available in the UK and Ireland from The. Solid waste is collected in the dry toilet for removal later.

Waterless toilet with odour free operation for sustainable enviro living.

It separates out the urine, which can be put to use in the garden or drained to a leaching pit, and the poop, which is kept within the toilet for composting. Separett composting toilets make older designs obsolete. Because the urine is remove the . In terms of design, stability, comfort and use, it is the equal of a modern WC in every way. The built-in, 1-speed (12V) fan expels odours . It is SO easy to use, to clean and it has absolutely no odor to it whatsoever. I will personally take your call.

The assortment consists of a range of composting toilets that are waterless.

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Urine and solids are kept separate, latrine type odours disappear and the substantially reduced waste is easy to deal with. The urine is routed via a hose to a soakaway or tank. The venting duct can be run straight through an outer wall. Their well-designed products meet the highest standards of environment, function and quality.

Without access to a septic system. Off or on the grid (12V or 120V). Used seasonally or year-around. That will go cold ( below freezing). Separetts väldesignade produkter uppfyller högt ställda krav på miljö, funktion och kvalitet.

No water neede our waterless toilets are renowned for low odour, ease of use and environmental friendliness. Den inbyggda tvåhastighetsfläkten tar tyst och effektivt bort både lukt och fukt från toalett och badrum. Fritidstoaletten för alla både i torp eller villa.