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Explore the world of gourmet sea salts, sourced from Australia to France, the Himalayas to the USA. Gourmet Salt Guide is the ultimate gourmet sea salt reference Learn more about Kosher salt, grey salt, Hawaiian sea salt , Fleur De Sel and many other types of gourmet salts. Have fun Exploring these delicious gourmet salts and find your favorites. Most of the sampler sea salts are available in our new Recycled Glass with Cork Top Jars!

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Our Signature Line of Gourmet Sea Salts and Specialty Blended Salts. Treat your taste buds to a trip around the world with our gourmet salts and specialty salt blends. We choose only the finest premium quality salts from our trusted suppliers around the globe based on their taste, texture, and appearance. Monday thru Saturday 7:00am – 4:00pm. Whether for meat dishes, fish, seafoo vegetables like potatoes or pasta: our chili salt is an all-around winner.

Innovative interchangeable compartments for both the Zanzibar peppercorn and sea salt mills allows you to easily change your choice of seasonings at the push of a button! Collection features: black coarse salt, hot chili pepper salt, smoked salt, golden salt, garlic and pepper salt, and Merlot salt. Sea Salt Gourmet Rice Snacks available from Walmart Canada.

Use in place of Rock Salt (Table Salt).

This crystallized salt from the Isle of Anglesey is a gourmet finishing salt from the cleanest ocean water off the west coast of Wales, Great Britain. Gourmet sea salts himalayan salt smoked salt Hawaiian salt. This all-purpose condiment is a healthy and natural source of iodine as it contains 250g per serving. This gourmet seasoning is a versatile and all- purpose topping that will increase the flavor of any meal.

An all-natural sea salt harvested off the coast of Sicily. Great for fish, roasts, pasta, salads and vegetables. Celtic Sea Gourmet Seaweed Seasoning is a delicious, nutritious, all-purpose seasoning that is naturally high in Iodine. All of the major dried peppers play a role in this spice.

An Excellent Natural Source of Iodine! Alla kryddor i detta paket är fria från gluten, glutamat och e-ämnen. En härlig kryddblandning som passar utmärkt till grönsaker men räds inte att använda denna goda blandning även till fisk- . Pure, pristine Himalayan Pink Salt is one of the finest gourmet food grade salts you can buy.

With trace minerals, our Himalayan Pink Salt was mined from ancient salt beds that have remained untouched by pollution and impurities since the crystals first formed more than 2million years ago. The black salt is prized by chefs making for a beautiful finish on many fresh foods and salads and adding distinct flavor to grilled meats, poultry and seafood and to roasts. Our Great Gourmet peanuts in a six pack! Save money by buying in bulk!

Also delicious on pasta, risotto, and buttered French bread.