Rems mini press acc

Universal, super handy electric tool with automatic circuit control for producing pipe pressing joints for all common pressfitting systems. For battery and corded operation. REMS pressing tongs Mini. Cordless Radial Press with Automatic Circuit Control.

Elektro- und Handwerkzeuge online – Mini – Press ACC Basic-Pack, Li-Ion. Produktmerkmale:Akku-Radialpresse mit ZwangsablaufUniverselles, superhandliches Elektrowerkzeug mit Zwangsablauf zur Herstellung von Pressverbindungen . Rems Mini – Press V ACC Li-Ion Basic-Pack Modell R220. Bitte melden Sie sich an, um unsere Preise einzusehen.

Radial milling by accumulator: with Auto reverse. Tool for universal, compact, supermanejable, accumulator with automatic setback for unions pressed tube for all usual crimping systems. Li-ion battery technology. Next morning delivery on all orders placed before 5pm.

Batteridrevet radialpresse med automatisk retur etter fullført pressing ( tvangsforløp),til produksjon av pressforbindelser Ø – mm. ACCESSORIES – PRESSING Tongs Mini Press ACC. Pipe pressing range Ø – 40mm. Complete range of pressing joint available within the radial pressing section of this website.

This pack is supplied with the following. Electro-hydraulic drive unit, 14. Ah battery pack, rapid charger (choice of voltage 110v or 240v) and sturdy steel case.

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Univerzální, super padnoucí do ruky elektrický nástroj s nuceným chodem pro výrobu lisovaných spojení všech běžných systémů s lisovanými tvarovkami.