Ram pump

This video is an animation based tutorial on the working of hydraulic ram pumps. We have made this video in. It can be used if a high flow rate at high head ratio is required.

The motive power needed by the pump is generated by the hydraulic turbine . Pump water with no electricity, no gasoline, just gravity!

Sound crazy or impossible? When I was a ki my Aunt had constantly flowing water from a natural spring down the hill. She said the water was pumped uphill using a hydraulic ram. What is a hydraulic ram and how does it work? All ram pumps work on the principle of momentum, which is controlled by a cycle set up by the interaction of two valves—an impetus valve and a flapper valve— in the pump.

When the impetus (aka “waste”) valve is opened (this must initially be done by hand to start the pump cycling), water begins . Home Built Hydraulic Ram Pumps.

Two Useful Designs show you how to pump water for free. Complete detailed and illustrated instructions from locally available plumbing parts. Nice to hear that you are interested in using a ram pump. So to get water to meters you will need.

This will get you water to the meters and have enough flow to work with. The meters is not an issue. Follow our directions to make an inexpensive but effective hydraulic ram pump. Design and Construction of a Hydraulic Ram Pump.

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria. The Papa Water Pump is a Zero Energy hydraulic ram pump that delivers water from a natural flowing water source without the need for electricity or fuel. It is meant to lift water . Livestock watering systems are used to aid in getting better animal distribution within a range unit or pasture. The Hydraulic Ram Pump will do this hours a day, days a week for many years with no external power required and little or no maintenance. Many of these systems use springs and gravity or wells and pumps to get water into troughs.

Creeks and streams and ponds are often used where they are located to provide water on site. I doubt if the person who made that animated gif knew how the pump works.

Hydraulic ram pumps can lift water over a considerable elevation, and do not require any external power source. Commercially-sold hydraulic ram pumps last for decades or longer, but are quite expensive. A simple, home-made PVC hydraulic ram pump (Figure 1) may.

Experiments conducted the previous semester proved that the ram pump does not operate as anticipated or desired. Ideally, modeling will explain this unpredicted behavior. Meribah Ram Pump is your competent provider for the most powerful and low maintenance hydraulic ram pumps on the market!

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