Rainman watermaker

Our systems are made in, and shipped from, Australia. The estimated total landed cost to the United States includes the recommended retail pricing, our . Petrol (Gasoline) Pressure Supply Unit. V-50Hz Electric Pressure Supply Unit. V-60Hz Electric Pressure Supply Unit.

V DC Electric Pressure Supply Unit.

High output gallons per hour – onboar onshore and off grid. Reverse osmosis – Seatask. A Marine Watermaker made from highest quality parts and stainless steel. Sold by boaters for boaters.

At long last a Water Maker company that has cut out all the jargon and brought us an easy to use both portable and installed system. Basically you decide what. I had planned to write this review a while ago but the lightening strike seriously delayed it.

For cruisers becoming independent is a dream. Anchoring where and when you want completes the dream.

But to live one essential element is water. To save endless trips ashore or to carry . Rainman Watermaker (Seatask). Seatask is the premier US distributor for rainman desalination systems and watermakers. Contact us for prices and more information today! When the sun sets on another boating season, it is time to get your boat ready for the cold winter months.

Low Cost Of Ownership rainman-img2. This fresh approach to desalination eliminates unnecessary componentry and electronics. We have a metric we apply here on the good ship Eagle Too that we call the Suck-to-Fun ratio. When the level of Fun exceeds the amount of Suck, life is good . We suffered over the decision to buy a watermaker. Was it worth the expense?

Should we get a built in version? In the en we decided to add a watermaker. The new unit will be ideal for yachts, small cruisers and even trailerboats. The new simple 12V watermaker complements its existing 230V . They demand little care and are improve your stay aboard a yacht.

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This micron Pleated Polyester prefilter is a standard sized 2. The life of the filter will depend up. This made me even more interested as I have a belief that those who have cruised make the best .