Rainbow ball

For kids, this puzzle toy is great for growing mental operational capacity and eye-muscle coordination and in confidence with . Look like a rainbow, not only the color but also your emotion! Your objective is to scramble the colored balls, then figure out how to get them all back into their matching colored slots in all holes. Rainbow Ball Puzzle Magic cube. There are balls inside it, slightly larger than the holes.

It has equally sized holes around , and balls which are slightly bigger are inside.

Whenever you push one of the balls inside, it sticks . Move all of the balls back into their proper places to solve the rainbow ball puzzle! The perfect beginners puzzle toy for children. Helps develop logical thinking. Exercises your memory and hands on skills is a perfect educational toy that will keep anyone busy for long periods of time. Little treasures football shaped rainbow ball is a ball puzzle for on the go, great for traveling for kids.

A fun puzzle which you can solve intuitively by scrambling the balls in the holes and then re-ordering and matching the balls with their colored rings. FREE Shipping In US and Worldwide on orders over $49.

Due to limited stocks, this item is limited to only pcs per person. Relaxing puzzle ball that encourages brain function at the same time. Whoever said that Viennese Waltzes are only for straight people?

Formal evening attire is strictly enforced at this LGBT ballroom event. All waltzes and lots of fun! The ball is held in Parkhotel Schönbrunn. Use the color warps to get across each level to reach the finish, and you just might taste the rainbow. Like all great puzzles, it sounds simple, but.

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A cool ball control game with a twist! If your computer stops responding, you can sometimes recover by quitting open applications. You can quit almost any application by choosing Quit from the File menu or .