Portable bidet

FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Quality Blue Bidet : The BB-is our portable style bidet. Ever felt uneasy in an unfamiliar bathroom when away from home? Ever wondered what a bidet is like? Many bidets are still fairly highly price and have features that only a small subset of shoppers might want.

Enter the portable bidet aka travel bidet.

This GoBidet travel bidet nozzle is perfect for traveling or when you are away from home for the day. Unlike most portable bidets , this nozzle is lightweight, discreet and works with the majority of w. The bidet is a personal hygiene fixture that helps individuals clean up after using the restroom. The bidet replaces toilet paper with a stream of water for a very hygienic clean. Bio Bidet offers hand held travel bidets. Enjoy the cmforts of home even when you are not.

Portable and easy to use. Buy GoSpa Travel Bidet at Walmart. Find quality handheld bidet sprayers online or in store.

Craig Medical offers direct wholesale pricing on the portable bidet personal hygiene system. The bidet is suitable for standard toilets as well as commodes and includes a soap holder at the front. Free Shipping on all bidets , including attachable, portable , and more! Bidets are more popular in American homes every day. Used in Europe and Japan for centuries, more and more American buyers are getting into the benefits of using it.

Convenience, comfort, and hygiene are some of them. Many models are still high in price, and some have features that . Independent Living Centre. Discover the best portable bidet on the market. A Handheld bidet is great for travel. The QLav is an easy, clean, and hygienic way to wash your bottom.

Frequently bought together. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders of £or more. Guaranteed lowest prices. Currently, the best handheld bidet is the Smarter Fresh Sprayer. A strong plastic bowl that has a soap dish at the front and fits inside most toilet bowls to create a bidet.

The strong plastic bowl is strong but lightweight and fits onto most standard toilets to create a bidet.