Considered a mistelle, it is generally consumed as an apéritif, or as an accompaniment to melon or blue cheese. It is also popular with a variety of desserts, including any . The essential mellowness is the result of ageing in oak casks. Good matches between pommeau and food.

Fresh with aromas of baked apples and buttery brown sugar.

Tête arrondie de la poignée (d un sabre, d une épée). Canne à pommeau d ivoire. Extrémité renflée (des pistolets anciens). Normandy know-how with Calvados and Pommeau. Production de cidre et de calvados.

Farm made calvados, pommeau and cider of high quality for three generations. There is a balance between the sweetness of the apple juice and the spirit of the Calvados.

It has the advantage over Pineau in that it is most useful in both sweet and savoury . While most people refer to Calvados as an apple brandy, pears are also allowed in the AOC. In the Domfront, or Domfrontais region, the clay and limestone soils are much more suited to the strong, deep roots of pear trees. Pommeau should be drunk chilled as an aperitif. Appellation law insists that at least of the cider to be . The result is an easy-to-drink alcohol that shows the characteristic of the regional apple . Our local production of cider. Our orchards are set up over hectares on the right bank of the Odet river drawing from its mild and sunny weather.

They essentially produce local varieties of sweet and bittersweet apples with such colorful names as Dous Moen, Marie Ménar Kermerien, Fero Briz, Avalou . After blending (mutage), pommeau is aged in oak for eighteen months or more before bottling. Historically, French farmers made pommeau for their own consumption, but beginning in the . Characteristics: The most luxuriant flavour variety after ripe apples and candied fruits, full-bodied and lasting with a . Ask a question about this product. After the apples have sweetened , the fresh-pressed juice is fermented and aged with apple eau de vie.

Dégustez le pommeau du Maine en Mayenne, pommeau AOC à servir en apéritif ou en accompagnement. Découvrez les recettes à base de pommeau.

BRITTANY – FRANCE – VOL. It has an amber hue and fruity touches of apple and cherry. Eyes: Mahogany Clear and brilliant. Nose: Powerful and refined.

Nuances of plum, crystallized citrus fruits opening out to aromas of nuts (almond and hazel). Mouth: Supple and gentle attack. Aromas of tart tatin with hints. The production principle is simple, rather than adding apple juice to the brandy, the brandy is added to the apple juice, the goal being for the predominant flavour to be apple juice, rather than the other way around.

It is traditionally made by blending aged apple brandy (calvados) with raw apple must (cider) straight from the presses before aging in French oak for an additional years.