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Instead of a bulky canister, an advanced dressing manages the fluid and distributes pressure across the wound bed. Unrivalled simplicity with cutting-edge technology. As easy to apply as a dressing – quick . PICO : The no-hassle NPWT.

A single-use, portable negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) system that manages low to moderate volumes of exudate.

The system consists of pump , sterile dressings, sterile . This deceptively small, quiet NPWT system delivers the proven effectiveness of traditional NPWT and is easier to use for a wider range of patients in all care settings. FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Shop with confidence on eBay! This wound care device is small enough to tote around in a. This makes the system very discrete and portable for the patient to wear.

Lightweight, portable suction device: Electric motor driven, twin-diaphragm, vacuum pump.

Two AA lithium batteries which provide up to 1hours (seven days) of battery life depending upon leak rate. The pump has been turned off. Negative Pressure Wound Closure Therapy is a system that uses. Press orange button to restart pump.

With the simple pump , on-off design and absence of any canister or reservoir for flui patients can manage their NPWT at home much more easily, without additional nursing visits . Always remind your patients to call when they see the following: If the patient experiences any sudden or abrupt changes in the amount or color of wound fluids. Apply new pump and dressing. Offer valid only while supplies last. Provides the clinical benefits of NPWT in a simpler format for small to medium-sized wounds and . According to a company press. It uses a one-button pump that easily applies the dressing and technology that manages fluids and.

As an industry representative for many years, I continually evaluated the Advanced Wound Management division and was fortunate to secure a position within the organization. Traditional NPWT systems utilize a pump and cannister along . The ultra- compact, discreet, single-use and off-the-shelf design simplifies the application of effective . The Contract provides for outright purchase and rental TNP pumps , gauze and foam dressings and.

It consists of a disposable, one-button pump , attached to a dressing . Similar Products: Image Unavailable Polymem ADH Film Dressing X 12.