Pex 16

The protein encoded by this gene is an integral peroxisomal membrane protein. An inactivating nonsense mutation. Expression of this gene product morphologically and biochemically . PEXcDNA by performing an expressed sequence tag (EST) homology search on a human DNA database and by using yeast PEXfrom Yarrowia lipolytica to screen a human liver cDNA library. This cDNA was found to encode a peroxisomal protein, peroxin 1 that contains 3.

GeneCards – The Human Gene Compendium. Required for peroxisome membrane biogenesis. May play a role in early stages of peroxisome assembly. Can recruit other peroxisomal proteins, such as PEXand PMP3 to de novo peroxisomes derived from the endoplasmic reticulum ( ER).

May function as receptor for PEX3. InterPro provides functional analysis of proteins by classifying them into families and predicting domains and important sites. We combine protein signatures from a number of member databases into a single searchable resource, capitalising on their individual strengths to produce a powerful integrated database and . Gene standard name, pex, Characterisation status, biological role inferred.

This gene has transcripts (splice variants), orthologues, is a member of Ensembl . Product size, 3aa, 43. The importance of peroxisomes for adipocyte function is poorly understood. Herein, we provide insights into the critical role of peroxin ( PEX)-mediated peroxisome biogenesis in adipocyte development and lipid metabolism. Pexis highly expressed in adipose tissues and upregulated during adipogenesis of murine . Gene name, peroxisomal biogenesis factor 16. Peroxisomal Biogenesis Factor 16.

Associated with diseases, PBD-8A, PBD-8B. Citation reference(s),. However, the precise roles of these peroxins appear to vary considerably depending on the organism.

Rabbit Polyclonal Anti- PEXAntibody. Validated: WB, IHC, IHC-P. Tested Reactivity: Human, Mouse. Immunogen corresponding to synthetic peptide. The PEXgene codes for peroxin-1 a protein involved in peroxisomal membrane protein import.

Mutations in the PEXgene result in a peroxisome biogenesis disorder (Zellweger Spectrum disorder).