Mini pump

Our presta-only head sits on a short pull out hose to give more options on where you pump from and fewer. Free worldwide delivery available. Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust.

HP is a dedicated high pressure mini – pump. HV is a dedicated high volume mini – pump.

A slightly shorter version of the RaceRocket HP that easily fits in your jersey pocket. This elegant mini pump features an all aluminum body, head and pump handle and is designed with a narrow barrel diameter that handles higher pressures with ease. Home Products Air pumps Mini pumps. Frame pumps rahmenpumpen. Suspension pumps daempferpumpen.

Patented piston action pumps air in both stroke directions for speedy inflation. Anodized aluminum barrel.

The Size of a Water Bottle. Mini pumps are simple, small and light bike pumps that are mounted on the frame of your bike, carried in a jersey pocket or seat bag. If you do a good amount of commuting, trail riding or mountain biking and want a . Buy the latest mini pump GearBest. The ideal pump for vacuum and pressure filtration, solid phase extraction, and blotting.

The whole unit is compact enough to slide into your saddlebag or jersey pocket. Free delivery available for online orders, or visit us in-store. No-nonsense prices from Planet X with Worldwide Shipping and Cycle Work schemes available.

We take pride in what we do and make sure all safety and quality standards are met on all jobs. By using its bike fitting bracket the pump attaches neatly to the water bottle frame mounts which is a great use of space. Pumps are available with . Ultra light and super compact pump for all Exped mats.

The Mini pump excels in applications where reliability and easy handling are essential. It is built to handle contaminated water, pH 5- and water containing relatively abrasive solids up to the size of mm. Check out the full line of Scicon pumps.

Ultralight, compact NeoAir mattress inflator.

The Resato air driven mini pump type Pis available in several pressure ranges. An optional hand lever, makes the pump both air driven and manual operated. Resato air-driven mini pumps operate on the simple but efficient principle of an automatic reciprocating differential area piston. A relatively large air-operated . Lucky for you, small size delivers big performance in this aluminum Air Tool MTB Mini pump that features an integrated tube spool and lever (included) to organize all your off- road tire . Do not use with any white-headed pumps. For Group Size C containers, see instructions in the 105-C and 207-SC or 209-SC packages.

Select your country or region. Essential for road cycling enthusiasts, the Microbar offers power and portability, quickly inflating tyres to 120psi. Swapping between Presta and Schrader valves is easy – simply adjust the integrated pin to use either.