Luer lock adapter

Braun offers dozens of luer adapters in a variety of configurations and materials. Male Luer Lock Adapter , 125. Multi- Adapter with Luer – Lock.

Order Number, Reference Part Number, Instructions for Use, MR Status, Accepts Catheter Fr. Luer fittings and adaptors are used in applications employing small tubings and syringes.

It comes in variety of materials like polypropylene, polycarbonate, nylon , and PVDF, depending upon the compatibility requirements. Luer locks and luer slips are two main categories of luer fittings. They are generally used to make . Luer – Lock – Adapter zur Verbindung von Infiltrationskanülen und Schlauchsets mit Luer-Lock- Anschluss. Each adapter has an integrated locking ring surrounding the male luer nose, for more secure connections. Additionally, each adapter is manufactured . To view full image, click here.

Connecting piece, luer lock with adapter.

This adapter connects EasyDens with the waste hose leading the sample to the waste container. It is screwed onto one of the filling adapters to ensure that the waste hose is not removed by accident during operation of the instrument. Easily complete your luer fittings systems with these premium connectors. All female ports may be used with either slip or luer lock connections. Plugs and caps are also available.

This Luer Lock Adapter features a female Luer lock to a catheter. It is chrome plated and has a satin finish. Shop online for a wide selection of Hamilton Luer Lock Adapter for Disposable Tips.

Need this part modified or a custom item? Adapters are designed to work with Hamilton valves. Needleless Injection Site, Swabbable, Female Luer.

NPT to Female Luer Lock Adapter for Use with the MadgeTech PR1Data Loggers. It is Made of 3Stainless Steel to Withstand Harsh Environments. Standard female Luer lock fitting with barbed insertion end. For customer service, training and support please complete the: Product Inquiries .