Laddomat pump

Laddomat or Laddomat charging and return water protection unit device protects the central heating boiler from low-temperature corrosion. Laddomat regulates the return water temperature of the boiler and buffer tank heat accumulation with the maintenance of thermal water layers. Faster heat loading of the buffer . The settings described in this User manual are normally made only once.

The Laddomat requires no special supervision or service.

Pump : m (non EU) (max kW) m ErP (max kW). Connections: Cu2 R, R4 R50. Thermostat cartridge: 53°, 57°, 63°, 66°, 72°, 78°, 83° or 87°C.

Laddomat Pump unit 1is a device for direct supply of heating or cooling. The highly efficient energy-saving pump, together with dense insulation, provides an energy-efficient unit. Simple installation thanks to its . The same happens if the pump fails = High operational reliability!

When the boiler starts to fire up, Laddomat circulates the water internally in the boiler, so that it rapidly achieves its working temperature and can begin to heat the tank.

Laddomat then pumps the hot water into the top of the accumulator tank slowly and under full control, so that separation remains optimum. Check that the circulation pump is turned off. Close the three stop valves. Unscrew the lid above the pump.

Remove the Laddomat lid with the spring, piston and thermostat. An O-ring holds the thermostat in place. The thermostat is easily pushed out from the piston. Press a new thermostat into the piston. Many wood burning or solid fuel appliances, such as biomass boilers or wood burning stoves require a minimum return temperature to the appliance to prevent condensing, as well as to work more efficiently.

A Laddomat loading valve is a device that by using a thermostat to control the water temperature, can help to supply . Have boiler stove plus thermal store. Need boiler return temp control. The laddomat appears to control the return temp to the boiler correctly, includes the pump , and has some nice gauges to look at. I lager, leverans 1-dagar.

Produktbeskrivning Specifikationer. Direktlänk: Högerklicka och kopiera adressen .

The vitally important boundary. The ESBE LTC series load units are the neatest and most compact heat chargers I have come across so far. The LTC series load units we offer here maintain high return temperatures to the boiler and are suited to use with boiler stoves and log gasification boilers. The flue thermostat heats up… The flue thermostat heats up… … and starts the pump …and starts the pump. The built-in check valve is kept… The built-in check valve is kept… …shut by the pump flow …shut by the pump flow.

This stops the boiler cooling down during the start-up firing. Drivsida för utbyte till Laddomat 21. Logga in för att se prisuppgifter. Avrundat till hel förpackning.

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