Laddomat 21 pump

Laddomat -with electronic pump is a charging unit for a gasifying boiler. Laddomat regulates the return water temperature of the boiler and buffer tank heat accumulation with the maintenance of thermal water layers. Faster heat loading of the buffer . The settings described in this User manual are normally made only once.

The Laddomat requires no special supervision or service. The flue thermostat heats up… The flue thermostat heats up… … and starts the pump …and starts the pump.

The built-in check valve is kept… The built-in check valve is kept… …shut by the pump flow …shut by the pump flow. This stops the boiler cooling down during the start-up firing. Should any operation faults occur even due to these preventive measures, you should check whether some oakum or other debris is present inside the pump or.

It is composed of a cast iron body, thermoregulatory valve, pump , non-return flap valve, bullet valves and thermometers. When the water temperature reaches °C, the thermoregulatory valve opens the water supply from the storage . Pump : m (non EU) (max kW ) m ErP . I lager, leverans 1-dagar. Produktbeskrivning Specifikationer.

Direktlänk: Högerklicka och kopiera adressen . The same happens if the pump fails = High operational reliability! Rinkaby Rör säljer VVS, Laddomat , Reservdelar och tillbehör i vår webbshop. When the whole accumulator tank is full of hot water, it is also charged with the heat released by the embers. Drivsida för utbyte till Laddomat 21.

Logga in för att se prisuppgifter. Avrundat till hel förpackning. Den valda artikeln har blivit ersatt. Note: The compact unit ensures optimum filling of the buffer . Colour: Condition: New Price: £ 178.

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Har fått problem med laddomat , det är så att axeln inte snurrar när man sätter den i läge, men tar man ut den så snurrar den smärtfritt. Replacement thermostat inserts for Laddomat 21.

Please login to view our prices. För laddning med ren vedpanna, maxeffekt kW, till komplett tank, försedd med varmvattenberedare och shunt till värmesystemet. Därefter sker överladdning till tanken . Charging is continued by means of a slow flow of hot water.