Jetpump jet 100t

Model 1Jet Pump and Model 4Series Nozzle. The venturi provides the vacuum required to return vapors to the storage tank. System Operating Description. Måste alltid kompletteras med ett motorskydd av hög kvalite. Se under rubrik Tillbehör.

Mått: L 500mm B 225mm H 230mm.

Maximal tryckhöjd: 6m. Självsugande jetpump med gängade anslutningar. Enfasmotorn är försedd med termiskt motorskydd. Pumpen är utrustad med enfas- eller trefasmotor.

Trefasmotorn ska kopplas över lämpligt motorskydd. Datasheet Water Jet Pump Type P 20. The jet pump auxiliary wedge is.

Jet pump auxiliary wedge, 316L SS, 1K magnification ( L) and 2K magnification (R) Fig.

MAIN FUEL TANK JET PUMP (Continued) NOTE Procedure is same to install No. Den är även lämplig som bevattningspump eftersom den tål kontinuerlig drift. Install packing (1) on jet pump (2). Dry cleaning solvent (E162) is flammable and toxic.

It can irritate skin and cause burns. Use only in well-ventilated area, away from . Models FJPC-05 FJPC-07 FJPC- 100. This manual contains important safety, . From supply Throat Nozzle 14. JET PUMP Generally a reciprocating or centrifugal pump is installed at ground level and the maximum suction head.

The efficiency of the jet pump is given by Suction (14) 14. DEEPWELLPUMP Clean and safe drinking water is usually available at a depth of about 1metres or . Jet Idle Jet Pump Jet Pump Ex. A well pump supplies water to your home from within the ground. You may need a Red Lion well pump to replace an existing or undersized pump or to install in a new home.

Whether you purchase a pump for replacement or new installation purposes, it is important to determine and select the correct pump. TABLE 3-Matching Partial Chinese Electric Submersible Pumps with Tubing. Note: The power fluid of a casing-type jet pump flows in from casing and the mixed liquid flows out through tubing.

FIGURE 3-Oil viscosity vs. CHAPTER Selection and .