Specially designed pump heads let you pump viable cells while causing minimum damage to living cells. A wide selection of peristaltic pump tubing makes finding the right tubing for specialised applications . In more than five decades the company has build up a. Different tube materials avaiable. Two holders are required per four platens.

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ISMATEC 社で発明されたチュービングカセットは、幅広いサイズのポンプチューブを取り付けることができ、押すだけで簡単にチューブポンプに取り付けることができます。 異なるサイズのチューブを取り付けると、1台で様々な流速の送液が可能になります。 また、ストッパー付ポンプチューブを用いることにより、送液中のチューブのズレを防止でき、 . Analog Peristaltic Pump Analog Peristaltic Pump Accessories Digital Peristaltic Pump Digital Peristaltic Pump Accessories Ecoline Multi- Channel Ecoline Multi-Channel Accessories Microprocessor Controlled Pump Peristaltic . Ismatec Washdown Process Pump, Digital Drive. Unser Unternehmen hat sich darauf spezialisiert, Ihnen in Zeiten von steigender Arbeitslosigkeit und Fachkräftemangel das Finden geeigneter Arbeitnehmer auf der Basis von Werks- und Zeitarbeit zu . ISMATEC low pressure pumps are known for reliability, longetivity and precision. The pumps are widely used in laboratories and production facilities around the world in the biotechnology and chemical environment. Hold down while turning power on to enter Basic Settings menu. Use to enter correct value then to enter value.

Press twice to exit Basic Settings.

Make sure correct tubing ID is entered . Use these stackable pumps for applications requiring lower pulsation, higher flow rates or elevated differential pressures. This revolutionary new pump gives totally independent channel control means that you can now use a single Reglo ICC pump when in the past you would of had up to four peristalic pumps taking up space on . See what people are saying and join the conversation. To complete your ISMATEC pumping system, order two-stop color-coded and extension tubing.

Tubing comes in various formulations for almost any pumping application. The stops on the two-stop tubing are color-coded according to tubing ID. Use this tubing with any of the ISMATEC standard cartridge pumps and pump. For Sale from Conquer Scientific in San Diego United States. Three preattached tubing stops give you two sections— when one section of tubing fatigues, a fresh section is ready to use.

Name: peristaltic pump ISMATEC 2. Facility: Chromatography. The MCP-Z Process Gear Pump Drive is well known for being very robust, accurate and reliable, and consequently for offering a very long service life. These qualities make this unique type of pump system with more than interchangeable pump-heads especially interesting.