Green drain

We have designed the products to fit your needs. These below will fit almost all drains and pipes. Plumbers, distributors and retailers all are in agreement on its quality and its position as the . Requires no caulk or expensive installation tool.

Saves a significant amount of time, water, costs and energy.

Eliminates the need for chemical applications. Compatible with most commericial cast . Many buildings are also going green. Low flush toilets are installed.

Water- saving devices on taps, showers, and even energy efficient boilers are installed. Going Green ignores the original design of modern plumbing. Gravity and WATER push content through the pipes.

When a drain trap fails, sewer gas, insects and unpleasant odours can enter the building through the drain.

However, sewage gases, insects and odours are blocked from being . Self- cleaning – water free – protecting against odour, gases and bugs! GREEN DRAIN is the unique new standard for floor drain trap seals. Easy to install and easy to remove. When a trap primer fails, sewer gas , bugs, and unpleasant odors can enter the building through the drain.

Block Odors, Harmful Sewer Gases, and Fruit Flies! Plumbing installations including a trap primer can be expensive to install initially and often require maintenance due to failure. Traps provide a physical barrier between a building and the drainage system.

Unfortunately they often do not receive enough drainage to maintain the water seal. It is an effective solution for both new construction or for reconstruction of existing floor drains and sewage. It also stops the spread of drain flies, maggots, roaches and other . Protection of the Public’s Health. New and serious health threats include the transmission of infectious diseases and bacteria via drains with dry traps.

Prevents dangerous gases from excaping drains – methane, hydrogen. Traditional floor drain technology poses a variety of problems in terms of maintenance and safety. Sewer odors emanating from floor drains often cause a nasty smell. Drains can become a doorway for .