Fox float pump

New Fox Racing 300psi Mountain Bike Suspension Fork and Rear Shock Pump with Bleed Valve. For use with Schrader valves only (like a car tire valve). FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Works for all FOX FLOAT and FLOAT EVOL style shocks Dual side one side for FLOAT and one side for EVOL Features bleed valve for minute adjustments Makes adjusting air pressure easy and can be done on the trail 300psi max . I had never checked the air pressure in the fork but I knew it was soft.

It took me less than minutes to put air in the upper and lower reservoirs and now my air shock is much better.

This pump is pretty cheap and pretty effective. I should have bought this years . To achieve the best performance from your FOX suspension, adjust the air pressure to attain your proper. With the air pump attached to the shock valve. Do not exceed 3psi, the maximum FLOAT air pressure!

Sit still on the bike in your normal riding position, using a wall or a tree for support. With our inline gauge, we inflated the same Fox rear shock (from fully compressed) to 160psi. We measured how many strokes the pump took to reach this pressure.

Additionally, we compared the pressure read-out a number of times on each pump to that of our verified gauge.

Due to the analogue gauges . Ryan Bavetta from Fox Racing Shox demonstrates the new Smart Suspension Setup Pump. Will a decent bike pump work? Surely somebody is using something other than the fox brand. You can find Fox shock pumps at bicycle shops. Featuring a pressure release button and a 3degree twistable hose.

Fox Dual Face Pump Works for all Fox Float and Float EVOL style shocks. Use Select Machine above to add a . Main Gauge: 0-3psi (Increments of psi) Mini Gauge: 0-1psi (Increments of psi) Fitment: Arctic Cat recommends this pump for use with Fox Float , Float and Float AirShox snowmobile shocks. Got a new generation air shock on the rear? Need a bit more pressure than you expected to do the trick?

Get one of these Fox Fork pumps please – cure all your air pressured ills. I am using a bog standard pump. I pump up my Rear Fox float ctd Shock on my Specialized Stumpy and when i unscrew the pump half if not all the air comes out from the valve again.