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Find the flavor that fits your culinary needs. Sourced from pure Mediterranean sea water, these crystal salt flakes are extracted by simmering the water in open pans until delicate flakes are formed. You only need a tiny amount for each dish, and in this pack you get three of their flavour-infused salts to tempt your taste buds too. Looking for a new Christmas Cookie to wow your family with this holiday season ? Why not try some Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Caramel cookies! The salt flakes are extracted from pure clean Mediterranean sea water using traditional methods to produce the largest and most delicate flakes.

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Some salts are iodize some are from the earth, some are from the ocean, some are mined and some are created through evaporation. More recently, salt has gained a reputation as an ingredient used as much for . Vi är en del av Salinity AB. The size of the salt flakes affects the flavour of your dish with large flakes offering an increased intensity of flavour, meaning you can use less of it. The delicate harvesting process keeps them looking gorgeous and they are soft enough to crush and flake over a finished dish. Less salt is use but more taste is delivered.

Many products available to buy online with hassle-free returns! Order online from Natures Healthbox. Falksalt Natural Salt Flakes are from 4-12mm. Les cristaux de sel aromatisés ! FALKSALT , ce sont des cristaux de sel aromatisés et. For over 1years Salinity have been purveyors of fine salt from all over the world.

Large flakes of all-natural sea salt from the mediterranean. Some extra ingredients get added to the saltflakes for an even higher taste sensation. The crisp, crunchy texture and clean flavor of Natural Crystal Flake Salt adds a special touch anywhere you use it. The large particles of this flake salt is easier to measure and .

My latest culinary find: I simply have to share the salty, spicy love. I recently ran into this beautiful jar filled with red chili crystal salt flakes. Het delicate oogstproces zorgt ervoor dat de flakes er mooi uit zien en dat ze zacht genoeg zijn om als extra finish over een gerecht te strooien.

Aan de zoutflakes worden extra ingrediënten toegevoegd voor een nog hogere smaakbeleving. Apothecary Jar Gift Set with 4.