EcoFlush is available in four configurations: 1. Powerful Flush Performance. We are the original manufacturer of the Ecoflush Pressure- Assisted Flushing System. In addition, it can also be compatible with replacing Sloan Flushmate . SAFETY NOTICE: WHEN SERVICING ANY COMPONENT, TURN OF THE WATER SUPPLY AND.


With a double flush function and a urine bowl in the front of the toilet, it saves up to water. Suitable for all applications. Eco-Flush is used for internally cleaning all refrigeration or air conditioning system components or pipe work. It may also be used as a fluid for cleaning of parts by immersion. This product replaces toxic and environmentally unacceptable products such as HCFC 141B, CFC Rand other.

Sloan Flushmate store offering Flushmate replacement systems and parts for all Flushmate models and series. Donaghys Ecoflush is a patented low foaming concentrated acid sanitiser and is biodegradable. Eflushmate also offers accessories . Ecoflush is highly effective in all water temperatures and in the presence of iron contamination or hard water.

It is less damaging to many dairy surfaces and non. Holiday Inn Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles Picture: Eco-flush toilet was nifty, good idea! A sample of liters of effluent was placed in a plastic bucket. Samples were collected at the beginning, then hours and hours . Five days later the color changed from chocolate brown to opaque green and the bad odor started to diminish in both tanks. The oxidation tank had a white foam.

The Eco-Flush porcelain urine-diverting flush toilet is an ultra-low- flush urine-diverting toilet with a difference: A special drain cast in the front of the bowl collects urine as it naturally expresses forwar keeping it separate for hygienic processing. ECOFLUSH and ECOGREASE, mof mud had to be . Urine contains as much as percent of the nitrogen and . Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against. General Flushing Solvent. See Technical Data Sheet.

Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet.