Drain snake

Learning how to snake a clogged drain can save you from many expensive calls to a plumber. Just make sure to use the right snake for the job. Plumbing Repair Tutorials Got. Inch Drain Snake Hair Drain.

Pack Drain Snake , SENHAI inch Hair Drain. The Stick – Drain Cleaning Drain Snake : Home Improvement.

It is also sometimes called a toilet jack. Bathroom Plastic Water Drain Clog Hair Removal Sink Snake Cleaning Tool Blue. If neither cleaning the trap nor plunging clears a plumbing clog, your final weapon is a drain auger (also known as a snake).

Turbo Snake Drain Opener. Snaking a drain is performed with an auger, a coiled snake piece with a handle on one end. There are two types of plumbing snakes : drain augers, which are more common, and closet augers, which are smaller and mostly. Spartan drain cleaning machines are the power snakes of choice for heavy-duty drain cleaning and root cutting.

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Free Store Pickup at your neighborhood Ace. Search for Drain Snake on MitreSite. A professional, drain clearing tool that comprises flexible cables and rotating cutting tools.

Clears blockages in sewer and storm water pipes by cutting through tree roots, grease, leaves and soil build-up. General Wire Spring Company offers some of the finest snakes and drain maintenance tools in the industry. From handheld to free-standing, they have the hard working tool for every drain clearing need.

A drain toilet snake is a long wire coil with a corkscrew-like tip that you feed into your pipes until it encounters the clog. Then turn the snake clockwise, so that the tip screws into or through the clog and breaks it up. Or the debris winds onto the wire so you can . Online Price More Information. After Mail-In Rebate More Information.

Answer: First, make sure your guys are using your drain cleaning machines in the right size lines. Nothing will wear out a cable faster than trying to use it in the . The power-feed electric drain cleaner is compact and portable for easy navigation and placement. Ground fault circuit interrupter for safe operation.

The electric drain snake can handle pipes from in. If all you need is a little pressure to get things flowing, we carry toilet plungers and sink plungers for a quick fix. We also have plumbing supplies for your next .

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