Din 2633

Fourth Floor ,Hongye Building,. Welding neck flanges – Rated pressure 16. VorschweiBflansche – Nenndruck 16. DN, D B, K, H D S, R, H D F, holes, D KG.

Outer diameter of pipe corresponds to ISO Weldable heat-treated steel for temperature º 3C recommendation R64. Machining the outside diameter, bore, gasket.

Material (to be specified by orderer). Number of bolts and nuts, 2. Thickness, flange, mm. External tube diameter of connection 42. Nominal inner diameter, DN 32 . Flange compression stage, PN 16.

Roa Mumbai, Maharashtra. A cone is positioned in the center of the pipe to increase the velocity of the flowing fluid and create a . At higher temperature of 120°C to 300°C, it should be taken into consideration that the material yield point .

DESCRIPTION AND GENERAL PERFORMANCE SPECIFICATIONS. Rated Diameter, ISO standar DIN standard. b, k, h d s, r, h d f, Amount, Threa d Kg. DetailsAlternate PartsPart Applications.

DNx 3mm, PN1 mm, mm. DNx 4mm, PN1 1mm, mm. DNx 4mm, PN1 1mm, mm. DNx 6mm, PN1 1mm, 4 . Personal advice from our specialists. DNx 2mm, PN1 mm, mm. DNx 2mm, PN1 mm, mm. Login restricted userarea.

Free delivery on eligible orders of £or more. Dimension: ISO PN– from DNto DN3DIN PN– from DNto DN150. Jmenovitá světlost, DN, mm. Vnější průměr krku, d 8mm.

Tloušťka listu příruby s těsnící lištou, b, mm. Průměr otvoru pro šroub, d mm. Výška příruby, h mm.