Danfoss joystick

Our joystick range features single- and dual-axis configurations, multiple mechanical and electrical interface options. Sauer- Danfoss accepts no responsibility for possible errors in catalogs, brochures and other printed material. Sauer – Danfoss reserves the right to alter its products without prior notice.

This also applies to products already ordered provided that such alterations can be made without . Two further adjustments per function are built into PVRES. Independently of each other, these limit the signal voltage (US) and thereby the flow from proportional valve ports A and B without the movement of the remote control lever being limited.

The oil flow can be infinitely reduced down to of maximum flow. The JS1is a single-axle finger joystick which was specially developed for the control of simple proportional functions in harsh environmental conditions. Joystick Danfoss JS1Danfoss. Thanks to its compact design, it is ideally suited to installation in operating consoles or arm rests. Characteristics: durable . These joysticks were specially developed for installation in switching consoles.

Technical information, The PVRET joystick is “weather proof” (protection class IP45). The robust construction, low operating force and ergonomic design guarantee optimum ease of use. Supply voltages: U (DC) – V Current consumption: about 1mA.

Signal voltage: U(S) 25-from U (DC) Enclosure: Below flange IP2 standard IP, . Zudem können sie auch für sonstige Anwendungen verwendet werden. In off-highway applications like road grading, harvesting crops, and lifting a load with a crane, an open line of. Shop C-Tech Industries, your source for new boom and scissor lift parts and free shipping on orders over $500! Tools needed: Multi-meter.

Appropriate three battery holder. Miscellaneous electronic components. Small Soldering Iron and Solder . When used together with a Danfoss proportional valve signal inversion, the joystick moves the spool in the direction opposite to the default. This is equivalent to swapping the hoses on the valve outlets.

The directional switches are not affected by the signal inversion. As bases do joystick danfoss podem conter travas por fricção, saídas redundantes, funções de interruptor, efeito Hall e tecnologias de detecção potenciométrica. Suitable for direct control of Danfoss PVG valves.

Ergonomically shaped grip for the right hand.