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Pressure systems in the process industry use different ways of sealing depending on the geographical region, size of the pressure system and the environment. There are regional differences in sealing types as well as industry preferences. For example, many pressure systems onboard ships use BSPP adapters while . Explanation and measurement of common thread standards including BSP and NPT and the difference between them.

NPT = American National Pipe Tapered degree thread.

The other sizes the threads. BSP , NPT , BSPP, BSPT – All these different standards can be very confusing! Of these the most important is the geographical location.

We have compiled a simple step-by-step guide to help you identify your thread type. Can I use an o-ring sealing with NPT thread? Are NPT and BSP Pipe threads compatible?

What kind of sealing method is recommended when . NPT or National Pipe Thread has become a US standard for tapered threads used on pipe and fittings.

Metric Parallel male thread. NPT Threads (National Pipe Thread). This is an American standard taper thread which fits into the matching taper port.

Sealing is provided by a pre- coating on . MOCAP FCBN Series of flanged polyethylene plastic caps are designed to protect BSP and NPT threads with and without o-rings. BRASS ADAPTERS NPT MALE X BSPP FEMALE Take the challenge out of connecting different thread styles! Male and female NPT threads may also be referred to as MNPT and FNPT (or even MPT and FPT). NPT is the same as Iron Pipe Size (IPS) and male and female connectors may be denoted as MIP and FIP respectively.

A female 1⁄8” NPT connector is the same as 1⁄FPT and 1⁄FIP. Browse all of our items online and get an instant price quote, or order directly online! Bulk discounts on large box purchases.

British Standard Pipe ( BSP ) is the . A BSP ball valve for use with PowerSpout TRG or PLT turbines. In some countries BSP is also called 50mm. These fittings are available on our same day despatch service around the UK.

Tap about halfway, then check the fit of your fitting. BSPP threads are straight or parallel threads, and require an O-ring seal.

Using our extensive experience and expertise, we will fulfil your exact requirements no matter how complex. To learn more about our manufacturing capabilities or to enquire about a stock item, please get in touch. Omega PS series Pressure Pulse Snubbers help protect transducers by filtering out pressure spikes.

Featuring a 303SS housing and 316SS filter disc. Technical data: Swage couplings carbon steel for hydraulic hoses with and layers steel reinforcement. One Piece”-fittings with pre-assembled sleeve. Fittings in dimensions 1.