Broxo salt

Professional water softening salt. A good regeneration salt dissolves evenly and gradually – to supply just enough salt as needed – but never disintegrates. To satisfy these conflicting demands, AkzoNobel developed very pure, high-pressure compacted regeneration salts. Broxo Water Treatment Salt 25Kg.

Salt is one of the mostly used item in water softening in the installations. The performance of the softening is depending on the quality of the salt you use.

They develop pure regeneration materials both industrial and domestic usage. Also laboratories, hospitals are . Very pure high-pressure compacted vacuum salt (9 NaCl) – For use in domestic and industrial installations – Free of residual substances – Dissolves evenly and gradually – Excellent performance – Efficient – avoids need for expensive . All WATEX CMS and CMA models use salt tablets for regeneration. Package: plastic bags, kg.

Possibility to buy pallet with bags, covered with plastic wrap. There are no reviews yet. Be the first to review “Bags of. We deliver top quality at the lowest price.

Contact with cleaning specialists. Comprehensive product range. Over 0m² of warehousing available. An excellent foundation for knowledge and expertise. The efficiency of water softening installations largely depends on the quality of the salt used.

As a result, not only is the water . Our prices on, and more, are competitively priced and lower than most safety equipment and. Blødgøringssalt til brug i kemisk teknisk industri samt i vandbehandlingsanlæg og fødevareproduktion. Det perfekte salt til blødgøring. Request a quote within a minute.

Compacted pure dried vacuum salt tablets for water softening. Suitable for production of drinking water in accordance with EN 9type A. Jan SECTION 1: Identification. Granules are 5mm – 20mm in size.

Can also be used for de-icing purposes. Could be helpful with approaching bad weather! A pallet consists of bags of 25kg per bag.