Brass tubing

Round Seamless C26 C27 C2and C3Brass tubing is commonly used for architectural detail and industrial design elements. Alloys are comparable in strength, formability and weldability and are not heat treatable. Refer to our Guide to Brass for grades, shapes and various properties.

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Size (OD x Wall Thickness x Length). Copper Alloy 2possesses an excellent capacity for being cold worke but is not adaptable to being hot worked. C3is only produced in tube form and is generally suitable for minimal corrosive conditions. A complete line of brass tubing and copper tubing for any projects.

Quality made, custom built. Visit our site to learn more. With a yellow color, 2brass tube is produced from a combination of copper and zinc. Other sizes are available upon request.

All alloy 2brass tubing is cut-to-order with your specifications and meets . Alloy 3is preferred where machinability is more important and Alloy 2is used where bending and formability is more important. Specialized brass and aluminum shapes needed by the modeling craftsmen. Evergreen, Plastruct and KS, in addition to hundreds of other items. Brass Tubing Radical RC Electronics for all hobby needs.

You will find many materials needed for making items from scratch, such as buildings, scale models and railroad scenery. We have metal tubing, brass tubing , wiring, and more. Ryerson offers a selection of seamless brass tube items in 12-foot lengths. Our stock meets Copper Development Association (CDA) 3and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) B1specifications.

Fun for the whole family, we carry something for everyone. From the very best in radio con. Brass tube is used for a variety of engineering applications an in particular the aerospace, power generation and automotive sectors. Its anti-corrosive, easy-to- work properties make brass tube ideal for water supply and plumbing components whilst its excellent visual appearance make it a popular choice in areas such as . NEW LOWER DISCOUNTED PRICING!

Used for a variety different applications in the. Out of stock online, please contact us for availability or get notified when this item comes back in to stock! This brass axle material is a lightweight alternative to steel for COdragsters, mousetrap vehicles, and other model vehicles.

When used with brass bushings, this material has ultra-low friction to help you increase speed. Rods are long – cut them to length using the Tubing Cutter, sold separately.