Blue can water

Contact us in Los Angeles, CA, to place your order today. Protect your loved ones by preparing your home and office for the worst-case scenario. The US National Guard and Red Cross recommend storing a minimum of 64oz per day per person in sealed containers.

These single serve cans . Here is our review of a new emergency drinking water brand now offered at TheEpicenter.

Emergency Water with a Year Shelf Life. You can only live days without water which is why everyone (not just preppers) should have a. Be prepared with emergency canned water that has a year Shelf Life. Yes, you read that right.

Blue Can water comes in 3ml (12oz cans). It is purifie sterilized and disinfected to remove any chemicals or particles using a step multi-stage. Hermetically sealed purified water.

We are the preeminent source of information for water treatment professionals providing editorial content and information to help those professionals do their jobs more effectively.

Plastic free and BPA-free. Even before the backyard bunker (AKA fallout shelter) became a somewhat ordinary fixture of American Cold War life, various companies have been making and selling canned water. During the canning process, each can of water is pressurize removing all oxygen before hermetically sealing for long term storage. Can by purchased in pallets of 1cases. Log- in or register for your pricing.

Join LinkedIn today for free. Kit also has an emergency blanket, poncho and light stick. So good we drink this BlueCan at the office ! This review is done by a . There are few viable options available for storable water.

Water is more important than food during a disaster or emergency. When I hear there is a 50-year shelf life canned water …. I am extremely fussy about my water , I mean . Oddly enough writing this post was on my social media calendar for today. It happens to be about emergency water storage.

Pretty fitting, considering the circumstances of the recent Hurriane Harvey, and now Hurricane Irma.

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