Based in Taiwan, they provide the best quality products to all customers. This way, we can cut down on paper and reduce . Buy Water Cooling PC Products – We supply a wide range of PC Liquid Cooling, Water Blocks, Radiators, Cases and Accessories. DDC Plus With Pump Cooler Design.

Metal Case For Excellent Heat Dissipation.

Nominal Voltage: V DC 2. Electrical Connector: Molex Pin 4. BitsPower NP80D Skive Heatsink Review. Skive heatsinks are neither extruded or cast but rather cut from a single block of material. The benefits of this particular heatsink technology are that the fins and the base section are in fact one and the same, so no joints . Made Of Hi-Quality Acrylic.

Must Be Connected To More DDCTOP By Using Panel. Bitspower are part of the growing trend of skive heatsinks.

Once you know, you Newegg! Shop with confidence on eBay! Company Name: BITSPOWER INTERNATIONAL CO.

Product types: Water cooling hoses, Water cooling connection accessories, Water cooling reservoirs, Water cooling pump accessories, Water cooling connections, PC fan accessories. By Singularity Computers. Naturally the monoblock matches the styling of the Maximus IX Extreme and when the hardware is installed you are ready to connect a custom loop cooling system with the minimum of . After spending some time to bend the hard tubes . Three LED Holes For 5MM LED. Bottom High Durability Nickel Finished In Shining Black. Clear With Black Inverse Printing Panel Fixed.

I need to know which fitting of the three below are best for PETG tubing my loop. I found out about it on overclock. If anyone knows more or has access to it please post here. Connector to Watt AC Adapter, 6ft Cable (PSU for Bon Link and Bond II).

While these caps are not necessary for air-based use of the VRM cooler, they keep dirt and debris out of the VRM inner channel. Kliknij tutaj, aby anulować odpowiadanie.

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